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20 Years Anniversary Open House !!

Saturday, Aug 12, 2023 (10:00 am - 7:00 pm)

Leaders: Anamaria 'Ani' Tiganasu
Mary Swift-Swan

Event Information


!! Afterguard's 20 Years Anniversary !!

*~ Sail ~ Play ~ Grill ~ Bid ~ Celebrate ~*

Schedule of activities:

(9am-10am : boat prep ~ Skippers & Mates)

10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm : Refreshing Sails / Docking Practice

10am-4pm : Treasure Hunt

10am-6pm : Silent Auction

2pm-7pm : BBQ ~ potluck friendly 

Details below. Please RSVP

by Thursday, Aug 10th

  ~  ~  510-535-1954  ~  1285 Embarcadero, Oakland ~

        It all started with one boat and a dream. The boat was Renaissance. The dream was to create an option — spark the Love of Sailing for Youth ,which otherwise could not even get the chance to fathom it. Thus, Mary and Steve started Afterguard. Yep, 20 years ago!!! Both ,boat and dream, are still with us!! And although Steve parted with this realm (RIP????),  Mary’s passion and dedication only enlivened! And, more gathered!

        To make this dream happen, Afterguard grew to-the-day in offering ASA course certifications, charters, specialty clinics, instructor qualifications, school memberships, destination flotillas and tailored-learning classes. This year, Afterguard Sailing Academy is celebrating 20 revolutions around the sun, and proudly featuring the 1yo+ independent 501(c)3 ASAYA -Afterguard Sailing Adventures Youth Academy

        We could not have done any of this without your participation - big or small, it all mattered and it is what keeps us going. We are grateful to each of you!!  We would love if you join us on Saturday, AUG 12th!!  Hop aboard for a thrilling adventure! We’ll sail &dock, play all the way, hunt for fun, cook up a storm, feast, share laughter through dance, and celebrate the nautical way! All hands on deck for a buoyant time!!!!


Schedule of activities - details:

9am-10am : boat prep ~ Skippers & Mates

Early birds can join the Skippers & Mates in getting the boats ready to sail!


10am-1pm & 2pm-5pm : Refreshing Sails / Docking Practice

Pick your team, come aboard, dive in hands-on! Find the wind, recall the thrill, challenge the skill!

Cast off and bring her back! More than once makes bliss! With all that said and done, re-join the fun Up Top!


10am-4pm : Treasure Hunt

Join Your Crew!

                Dip your toes deep in…

Get Under Way!

                    Feel the breeze on your skin…

Follow the Clues!

                    Riddles, puzzles, hints begin…

Find your booty!

                    Play the game and sail to win…


10am-6pm : Silent Auction

Prizes are offered by Afterguard, Partners and Neighbours.

All gathered funds are in support of continuing ASAYA’s High School Internship, Destination Graduation.


2pm-7pm : BBQ ~ potluck friendly

We fire up the grills,

stock the coolers with ice,

cook & cool some rounds...

The doors are Open for ALL!


If you’re so inclined...

feel free to bring along

anything you’d like to share

with the Potluck Crew that joins :)


Please RSVP by Thursday, Aug 10th  ~ ~ 510-535-1954

~1285 Embarcadero, Oakland ~

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