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ASA 106 ACC 5-day trip

Saturday, Sep 24, 2022 - 9:30 am through Sunday, Sep 25, 2022 - 5:00 pm
Friday, Sep 16, 2022 - 9:30 am through Sunday, Sep 18, 2022 - 5:00 pm

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Leader: Kevin Dundon

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ASA 106 includes passage planning, vessel inventory and loading, provision planning and loading, close quarters boat handling, sail inventory, running rigging inspect and learn to use all of it. Go thorugh the storm sail set up, drouge deployment for the boat used. During the trip will do both day and night offshore crew overboard return and recovery. Work on skippering techniques for all weather conditions, navigation underway in all conditions -including in restricted visibility, watch rotation planning and doing, pilotage and knowledge of the Inshore and offshore International Collision Regulations.

Recommended for ASA 106 is the option to attend at least 2 of the 8 day companion Offshore boat prep series. Afterguard's ASA 106 in it's standard form is a 5-day ocean adventure course sailing along the beautiful California Coast.  This month is a variation of 2 weekends that is more friendly to people who work M-F. The first weekend sails from SF to Halfmoon Bay and Back. The second weekend sails to Drakes Bay out near the Faralon Islands and down to Half Moon Bay to sail an 18+ hr stretch with night watches. Then the group returns to SF.

How far we get still depends on the well-being of the students. If someone does not have their sea legs and gets sick will head for the nearest port or return to base. Recommend taking a 'Sea Leg' day or two to get used to the motion of the ocean sailing to reduce the chance of sea sickness. Aslo recommend our Heavy Weather Strategies weekend to be able to deploy the best method to fit the boat and conditions if things get too intense. If there is common North Coast weather maddness.

Students should expect to get together on-line or/and in person the weeks prior to the first weekend of the course. There is a lot included in the sail planning. Destinations can vary but the two months we are breaking ASA 106 into 2 weekends are the nicest offshore time of year. There is still plenty of wind but less fog.

The cost of fuel used is paid by participants in the course. Start with a full tank. Must return with same.

Provisioning is done in a similar fashion to ASA 104. Each participant selects meals /times and suggests the menu item(s) they would like to prepare -being concious of food allergy or restrictions others on the trip might have to deal with. Once accord is achieved for the menu, since all are in the galley at some point in this adventure, the person preparing each meal purchases the provisions to cook with for their meals. This has proved the best way to spread the meal expense.  There is a final provision check before loading up, in case staples or needed items are missed. Possibly may need a run to the store. Can meet the the night before the trip to do this check. Have to do some extra steps to prepare the food to be loaded as provisions. Boats do not have large refrigeration. Dry Ice might be used on some boats. Food storage hammocks, low lockers next to the hull and cupboard shelf tops are places to store provisions.

This stretch of unforgiving California coast is a great aid to learning with an experienced teacher. Learn how to avoid the many possibly costly mistakes plus experience a multitude of conditions. Will gain the valuable knowledge and confidence in how to handle many of the issues of self-reliance. Great class to take before venturing out on your own boat. This course can save you serious money plus make your future ocean adventures much more fun for you and those who sail with you when you cast off the dock lines.

Sea life along the CA coast, that may be seen, is amazing. Check the wild life reports for SF to Monterey coastal region, to know what to watch and watchout for on the trip. Have seen many whales, a few orcas, many kinds of dolphins. Most love music with dolphin or whale song in it. Bring some - we have a speaker to turn the boat into a hydro-phone. Once saw a thrasher shark, just cruising along the surface.  He was so shy. Jellies - can be lots of jellies. We bring vinegar and gloves just in case Jellies have petted sea anchor lines - must wear gloves to retrieve. Lots of seals, sea lions and occasionally an elephant seal. When we wave at Molas they move close as they wave back. Many sea creatures to marvel at.

Bring a current fishing license if you want to learn to hand line or can bring an ocean pole. Fishing = fresh food. Check in with the fishing boats SF to Monterey to see what is biting and what they are biting? Do you know how to make sushi, poke or sashumi? Love this part.

Over all - these trips are Amazing.

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