Live Crew Overboard practice - 1 day

Sunday, Jul 18, 2021 (9:00 am - 5:00 pm)

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Live COB
Leader: Mary Swift-Swan

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A person will be in the water. The boat will go back to that person, stop by them, then pull the person out of the water. A boat that is not actively picking up the person can stand by to watch. The second group then trades boats. After all 8 attendees have had opportunity to watch then do, the crews on both boats can continue to practice if their person is willing.

Current thinking is a Max of 8 persons in the live COB day, with 2 boats of 4 participants for each boat. Planning for 2 divers who would initially be aboard the active boat taking turns getting in the water. After the mid day break both boats return to continue to practice, each with a 'divers' aboard.

2 chase boats needed to stand by the person in the water to keep curious passers by from injuring the person in the water and as a safety boat for that person if they become uncomfortable in the water.

Instructors and interns are incouraged to attend. Offshore students are encouraged to attend.


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