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Friday, Apr 23, 2021 - 9:30 am through Sunday, Apr 25, 2021 - 4:30 pm

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ASA 104 Bare Boat Cruising
Leader: John Zolck

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Will C. joining Sat& Sun only.

 Hours have are back to normal to start at 9:30am with daylight savings. Aiming to be back at the school on the last day, by 3pm, for the written exam, if all pass the practicals underway.

Three days of sailing with a 1 over-night of anchor watch, staying aboard required and 1 night at a marina with the students making all the arrangements to learn how, in advance of the start of the class. The instructor usually leaves the boat for the night so boat to be check in - needs be into the dock in and around 4-5pm.

This is a guided experience in visiting new places and exploring the world by water. Fun. Glamping one could say.  The instructor will help guide but ultimately it is the group's choice and their ability to find out where they can go by boat, that is open and allows the instructor easy off and back.

This 3 day sail-away course is the certification that vacation charter companies worldwide, and most San Francisco Charter companies, are looking for. It is the certification that make insurance companies breathe a sigh of relief for new boat owners. The ASA-104 course is Fun with a wealth of information and new skills for all. The course has about 30 hours of training - sleep is allowed. If thinking of living aboard - it is a Fun live-aboard learning experience.

Must read the ASA 104 book BareBoat Cruising Made Easy and take the written tests prior to arrival for the course. Be prepared to discuss the quiz questions on the way out to the Bay on the first day and that evening.

Planning for the course starts 1 to 2 weeks in advance of the course date using emails. The group of students plan out workable menus of things to cook aboard (not pre-made/re-heated food). Can make snacks or something special from home to share of course. Each student is responsible for a menufor minimum of 1 meal. Get the menu for your choosen meal OKed by the group and then obtain and bring the required provisions, checking for allergies and food preferences. Can pre-assemble once aboard, such as after breakfast can make lunch sandwiches, wrap and store them for later, before getting underway. No cooking underway. Assembly only. Will cook only at port or at anchor.

A much more thorough pre-cruise prep, including deciding on which dinghy and outboard engine are going with your boat, can start the night before the course if 2 or more from your class group attend with the majority of the rest involved by zoom. The boats used are 35'. Could be either a mono or multi-hull for the course. Mono-hulls have an easier time getting berthing at visited marinas this time of year, but the cat is more comfortable. If a double class, two boats going, will raft up on anchor watch night, after anchoring 5 different way per boat. Clipper Cove is a calm snug harbor that is great for this activity. Aquatic Park, Paradise Cove, Rat Rock/China Camp are good options depending on weather and tides.

Packing for the weather of the class days requires a weather check. Due to weather, the night of anchor watch can change from 1st to 2nd night.

For your growning 'Sea Bag': add a red light head lamp and simple 'rigging knife' to the foul weather gear and boots, inflatable life-vest with harness and a 6' tether. At least one of the students should bring a set of binnoculars, hand bearing compasses, handheld VHF radios. If none of you have these items can borrow them for the class but expect when you charter you'll need your own. Your sea bag is better than half full by ASA 104.

Each participant can bring aboard 1 bag for clothes, 1 'sea' bag for sailing gear, a sleeping bag w/sheet/pillow inside, small ditty bag with toieleties and towel. Many marinas have showers. The boats have showers if water is conserved by using foot pumps vs pressure water for all other water uses. Take a potable water hose and a shore power cord to be able to replenish water when stop at the marina for the night and have the AC water heater and 110 options working aboard. 

When looking for a destination marina that accepts visitors, what are their faciliities and is the marina near a choice of restaurants? What was written about marina facilities prior to March 2020 may be different - must call to see what is currently available. Many small businesses, especially restaurants have gone out of business or still working on limited hours. Delivery on the other hand has vastly improved.

As with all Afterguard courses but especially this one, must get 100% on the skills before being allowed to take the written test. Can take the 100 question test after cleaning up the boat upon return to home port. If running late, can return for the test up to 30 days aftert he class but not more. Unless want to redo the skills check sheet. Must test at our facility furing normal working hours. Tue 12-5, Wed 9-6, Thu - Sun 9-5. We are often open late on Fri pm for lectures - can test then as well 6-8 pm.


Please email or call 510-535-1954 if you have any questions.



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