ASA 101

Friday, Oct 15, 2021 (6:00 pm - 8:00 pm)
Saturday, Oct 16, 2021 (9:30 am - 4:30 pm)
Sunday, Oct 17, 2021 (9:30 am - 4:30 pm)

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This is the first American Sailing Association certification level as a multi-day course, ASA 101 -Basic Keelboat Sailing. You will “Learn to skipper a 23' - 26' sloop-rigged keelboat by day, in light to moderate winds and sea conditions. Your mission is to read your book before arrival for the evening lecture, to get the most out of your class. The terms in the book are needed for communication aboard a boat. Your teacher will help to get your hands on the items discussed in the book section on Terms for basic sailing, including boat parts and how boats function. How to take a helm, what the skipper (leader) means by the commands, how to aid operation by basic sail trim, what are 'points of sail', the signposts you will see on the waterways called IALA-B lateral Buoy system. Learn about seamanship and how to turn a boat around quickly and nearly stop if something falls or is seen in the water. —

Weekend schedule:

Friday - Meet your instructor at the office, 1285 Embarcadero (Oakland CA 94606) at 6:00pm for a two to two-and-a-half hour lecture.

Saturday and Sunday are full days of sailing 9.30am-4.30pm.

Weekday schedule can arrange for the lecture after sailing the first day. The written exam is at the end the 2nd day on the water.

Look up the weather for that weekend or weekday series. Dress in layers according to the predictions. Vests are a good under/over layer. Have a light shirt and work toward warmer to match the weather. Soft soled shoes for traction on the deck.  Non-marking required or will be scrubbing decks. No open toed or flip-flops. Do not want barefoot - high probability of breaking toes on a boat you do not know where it is clear to step yet. If break toes, it will be your responsibility as this is a sincere warning.

Recommend a brimmed hat with a keeper that will not blow off your head, for your time on the water. Garden gloves with rubberized palm without finger tips are a plus. If cold - bring a warm hat or perhaps a warm ear covering headband, warm layers and warm gloves. If raining - bring a waterproof over layer for top and bottom. Always bring sunscreen, chapstick and sunglasses. Keepers for glasses and hats can save you lots of money.

Bring a lunch for both Saturday and Sunday, including water or other liquids to stay hydrated. If you bring a refillable bottle, please make sure you take it with you at the end of your course. Next to sunglasses, they are the most popular item in our Lost&Found pile!

There are bathrooms at our facility and on the boats. Please make sure to check in with your teacher about how to use the head on the boat, beforehand!


Included in the cost are:

  • Use of Afterguard lifejacket for your safety. A lifejacket is required to be worn when outside the cabin - unless anchored or docked.
  • The ASA 101 Multiple choice test (85%pass) and the on-the-water skills test (100%pass) are how you get the signature.
  • The ASA logbook signed by your instructor after passing both on the water and written skills tests. This logbook is your future passport to sailing adventures world-wide;
  • Your ASA Certification Sticker will be mailed to you by ASA;
  • 90 day free trial for ASA membership (to be activated through the email-link received from ASA)
  • 1 free practice session, joining the Thursday Evening Sailing Group (to be scheduled within 30 days of class graduation)

You will need to purchase the textbook separately. Available at our office (hardcopy) or on ASA website (ebook or hardcopy).


Looking forward to seeing you soon on the water!


Please email or call 510-535-1954 if you have any questions.




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