Stay well. We will see you all soon!

Dear Afterguard Community,

Per the new guidelines, Afterguard Office is closed, till May 7th. All regular courses and general outings are postponed until health and ssafety orders are lifted.

We are available on-line and by phone 7 days a week for charter and post COVID spring-summer + course scheduling. Rescheduling no worries.

 On-line courses are in the works, new t-shirt designs are coming together. 

We are also extending the special on BK1 (competent crew course) sales through April; share with friends who would like to be your crewmates after the shelter-in-place is lifted. BK1 is on sale for $207 (valued at $465) call or email for offer. We can book courses as far out as necessary. Please continue to support your local sailing school.

While we must remain physically apart, we would like you to stay close as a community and look into options of web group-chats/get-togethers, and 'sailors nights' online. Send us your ideas and let’s make them happen together.

Thank you for your understanding. Stay well. We will see you all soon!

~Afterguard Team~


"The pessimist complains about the wind; 

the optimist expects it to change; 

the realist adjusts the sails."

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